Watch some guy connect every video game ever made

by 5 years ago

It’s truly entertaining. As is watching him explain how beating Mike Tyson in Punch Out is a lot like beating him in the real world. Oh, that and video game boobs.

We all know that one guy, who is able to b.s. like no other. Like when drawing crazy ass conclusions by making massive leaps in logic, while also ignoring some very basic facts. All with a mix of admirable bravado and ultra smug confidence, that makes one nod in agreement and want to smack a guy, simultaneously.

Imagine that person going on at length about video games on YouTube and thus you have the following. A series called Game Theory…

Yes, the production values are a bit annoying, with far too much “internet” contained overall, plus once again, the dude is seriously talking about of his ass much of the time.

But for whatever reason, I dig. Though what I mostly fascinated by is his obsession of Mike Tyson; he’s brought up constantly. Here’s another example…

Well, if you’ve managed to hang in there for this long, how about one last clip! This one is about everyone’s favorite subject matter: breasts…

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