7 ways to break up with her (when you’re afraid to do it)

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Ways to Break Up With Her When Youre Afraid

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It can be pretty hard to get the girl, sure, but once the relationship (or lack thereof) has run its course, it can be just as hard to break it off with her. So, how do you do it? I delve into the dicey territory of break-ups with this list of different ways to approach getting the hell out for a fresh start.

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7 Waiting Until After The Vacation You’ve Planned
So, you’ve planned a little vacay and then somewhere along the line things started to fall apart. What do you do? Believe it or not, there are a lot of couples that can push through the last bit of the relationship knowing that it’s the end by just ignoring their problems for the time being. If you think you can do this, then don’t throw out what could be a fun last memory with your soon-to-be ex. And for the love of god, try to get in as much we’re-almost-at-the-end-of-the-relationship-so-lets-do-it-like-feral-wildebeests sex as you possibly can, cuz it could be a while until the next time.

6 Ignoring Her
This is the lowest way to dump someone. It shows that your communication skills are terrible and that you’ve got a serious aversion to conflict. You also probably contributed to the relationship’s demise by not voicing your wants and needs. If that sounds heavy, it’s because it is, so man up and handle yo’ life!

5 Texting Her
While this isn’t the worst way you can blow someone off, it is one of those things that involves very little emotion or effort. Texting means you’re obviously looking to take the easy way out. If it was a one night stand and she didn’t realize, then this might be an okay means of communicating as long as you only met that night. Otherwise, you’ll want to show more respect. And adding a 🙂 or 😦 just won’t cover it.

4 Calling Her
This works if you just don’t want to see her anymore. It should be reserved for ending a relationship that was never exclusive in the first place. But make sure you’re not leaving a voicemail with the break up message. That’s actually mean because it’s so antiquated.

3 Cheating on Her
This is for guys who decide that instead of breaking it off and then following the undeniable will of their manhood, they’re going to add a healthy dose of emotional trauma to an already dying relationship, just to finish it off. Low blow, bro…

2 Being Straight With Her
Not everyone is going to appreciate this; even level-headed women may be clouded by the emotion of what’s happening. But, it’s the best way to end things. The truth hurts, but so do unanswered questions. Just remember to always use the compliment sandwich (say something nice about her/break the news/tell her she’s going to find someone fantastic because of those nice things you said earlier) and you’ll have a much easier time.

1 Letting Yourself Go
When in a committed relationship, letting your guard down is something that happens to practically everybody. A little weight gain, not dressing as sharply and staying in more often are great examples. But some take it to an extreme if they want out. I’m talking about man-boobs, bad hygiene, dressing like a hobo and being rude. Not your finest moment…

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