7 things guys wish every woman were into

By 11.10.12
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Things Guys Wish Women Were Into

1derwoman, Flickr

A lot of people don't realize this, but we aren't looking for the girl with the biggest boobs, the tightest butt and the shortest skirt (here come the "speak for yourself, dude" comments). What men want in a woman really is just a great companion; someone to enjoy the things that we enjoy alongside us or at least cheer us on while we do them. Hmmm... but if cheering is what we want then maybe it WOULD be better to have a big-boob-tight-butt-short-skirt-cheerleader. But I digress. Let's talk about the things we wish every woman was into.

Photo credit: 1derwoman, Flickr

Sport Eating

HelloTurkeyToe, Flickr

Some men don't care much about food, except to fuel themselves at meal time. Others want to eat until they collapse and die in all their glory. And you can bet that those guys would love it if their girlfriends joined them in getting fat as hell (disclaimer: that is just a phrase, no man actually wants his girl to "get fat") at a buffet, food festival or dollar menu showdown (I just made that last one up).

Photo credit: HelloTurkeyToe, Flickr

Video Games

DrDemento, Flickr

Can't we get some support from our significant other when we reach level 60 and can command an entire horde? Can't we find a chick that can actually play a first person shooter without choosing the pink armor and then spinning around, firing into the sky until she's put out of her misery? Basically what I'm saying is if you find a female gamer (that actually resembles a female) then you best hold on to her.

Photo credit: DrDemento, Flickr


lululemon athletica, Flickr

The sports world isn't just for men, I mean look at the WNBA or the Canadian Olympic curling team. Jokes aside though, more females than ever enjoy sports. Still, some sports lovers are stuck with girlfriends who don't understand concepts like "ball" and "pass" let alone the statistics and strategic plays that interest them. And for that there is no solution but to make sure she has a cute sports jersey and enough booze to get vocal about rooting for the winning team when you're at games together.

Photo credit: lululemon athletica, Flickr


Omarukai, Flickr

There's something about a chick that likes science fiction or fantasy that floors a lot of us guys. They just get it. Instead of having to watch the same romantic comedy plot beaten to death by sub-par writers, we can watch more important things together like epic battles in Lord of the Rings or space genocides in Star Wars.

Photo credit: Omarukai, Flickr


Kodomut, Flickr

Cosplay is fun and awesome, it’s really that simple. Instead of dressing up like a slutty "insert whatever here" for Halloween or any other dress up occasion why don't they take in a step further and dress to impress as someone instantly recognizable? Then they can pretend they're that person all night long, and so can we. Actually, I think I just described role playing.

Photo credit: Kodomut, Flickr


NGI197, Flickr

Not every woman was brought up in the kitchen. Though many can make their guy a meal, often enough that’s only in reference to their baking skills. And in that case all your dinners may solely consist of magic bars and cheesecake brownies. Actually, that sounds pretty awesome. Still, a woman commandeering the stove top and oven (but not the grill... that's OURS) or knives and a cutting board is pretty cool, and hopefully the meal that follows will be as well.

Photo credit: NGI197, Flickr


ManicMixer, Flickr

I'm sorry but if I didn't at least mention this I'd have half the men of the internet looking to tar and feather me for not giving fair representation to the masses.

Photo credit: ManicMixer, Flickr

(Originally published on March 6, 2012.)

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