What to watch tonight

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A group of people, intelligent ones at that, gave Kathy Griffin her own show. I’m actually speechless. Here’s what you need to watch tonight.

The Office @ 9pm, NBC: There’s news this week about the show retooling and heading to another town. No, stop it! Just end it now.

Coyotes-Blackhawks @ 8pm, CNBC: Will the Blackhawks try to exact revenge after the Marian Hossa injury?

Gruden’s QB Camp @ 10pm, ESPN2: Was Jon Gruden the “analyst” who bad-mouthed Robert Griffin III today? One NFL writer seems to think so (and I agree).

Community @ 8pm, NBC: Ah, how cute, Annie and Abed spend some time together.

Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson @ 12:30am, CBS: Today’s hot or not: 49-year-old Kelly Preston.

Kathy @ 10pm, Bravo: Kathy Griffin got her own talk show. I feel this is important enough to pass on.

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