What TV shows we should watch tonight

by 5 years ago
Last Resort


Sports heavy tonight with football and basketball in action. Elsewhere, Last Resort heats up as a mystery weapon gets used on the island. Here’s what you need to watch tonight.

Colts-Jags @ 8pm, NFL Network: You wanna make some money? Bet on the Colts tonight. They’re only favored by 3.

Last Resort @ 8pm, ABC: This show isn’t doing as well as ABC hoped and there’s talks it will sadly get the axe. Stop this from happening people!

Thunder-Bulls @ 8pm, TNT: As far as early regular season games go, this is a must-watch.

The Voice @ 8pm, NBC: Should you watch The Voice? Debatable. Should you watch Christina Aguilera’s boobs move around? Yes.

Florida State-Virginia Tech @ 7:30pm: Shaping up to be a pretty good ACC game.

The League @ 10:30pm, FX: A Thursday night staple.

Scandal @ 10pm, ABC: You know what’s unbelievable? Pretty much everything on this show.

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