What TV shows we should watch tonight

By 11.29.12


Must-watch game between the Saints and Falcons tonight. Elsewhere, we start the countdown to Jake Harper’s mysterious death. Here’s what you need to watch.

Parks & Rec @ 9:30pm, NBC: Leslie asks the public for help designing the new park. Hilarity ensues.

Watch What Happens Live @ 11pm, Bravo: Erin Andrews’ making the media rounds this week apparently.

Saints-Falcons @ 8pm, NFL: Shaping up to be one of the better Thursday night games of the year as the Saints are now in the hunt for a playoff spot.

Louisville-Rutgers @ 7:30pm, ESPN: You know what’s funny? Neither of these teams will be in the Big East two years from now.

Last Resort @ 8pm, ABC: This show has been canceled. Yet, Big Bang Theory which continues to make the same joke week after week goes on.

Two and a Half Men @ 8:30pm, CBS: Countdown to Jake Harper mysteriously dying in 3, 2, 1…

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