What TV shows we should watch tonight

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Why do the people on Hoarders look like they never shower? Like, is there a correlation between hanging on to garbage and smelling like it. I’m honestly interested to know. Anyways, here’s what else you need to watch tonight.

The Voice @ 8pm, NBC: Are you ready for Christina Aguilera screencaps you guys? Because I excel at those.

Bachelor Pad @ 8pm, ABC: “I’m really sad to see this show go” ~said some asshole.

Jimmy Kimmel Live @ 12am, ABC: That girl that annoyingly sings for Glee is on.

Monday Night Football @ 7pm, ESPN: Two games tonight, one of which is being called by Chris Berman. You’ve been warned.

No Reservations @ 9pm, Travel: Anthony Bourdain tackles the Sydney culinary scene in this episode.

Hoarders @ 9pm, A&E: The disease known as hoarding is romanticized in this A&E series.

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