What’s hot this week in men’s fashion, gadgets, and gear

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This weekly feature is a round-up, in conjunction with our friend Tim over at Cool Material of the hot new products appearing online this week. From fashion tips to cool gadgets and gear, take a look at your new obsessions.

Master of Malt

The Whisky Advent Calendar
The Whisky Advent Calendar provides you with some holiday cheer each and every day in the form of a tiny bottle of booze.

Gentle Giant

The Walking Dead Zombie Army Men
If you spend your afternoons daydreaming about getting a crossbow and taking down walkers, some of these Walking Dead Zombie Army Men should be in your purchasing future.


Brewmeister Armageddon
Right now, the championship belt for word’s strongest beer is held by the folks over at Brewmeister thanks to their latest beer, Armageddon. At 65% ABV, it’s gonna pack a punch.

Snolo Sleds

Snolo Sleds Stealth-X
On one end of the snow cruising fleet is the metal garbage can lid, and now, on the other, is the Stealth-X from Snolo Sled.

Meet Hue

Philips Hue
Hue lets you control the lighting in your pad with your iPhone or iPad by choosing the color of each bulb from a wheel of preset colors or by selecting the shades from one of your photos.


Where Chefs Eat
Where Chefs Eat is loaded with over 2,300 grub spots picked by over 400 of the world’s greatest chefs.

Cool Material

Pokket Mixer
With Pokket Mixer you can mix between beats, adjust lo/mid/hi and even get sweet fades between tracks, without ever having to worry about batteries or another power cord.


Moleskine Beer Journal
If you’re a craft beer connoisseur, it’s time to pick up the Moleskine Beer Journal.

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