Which Week 12 cheap shot was the worst?

by 5 years ago

Ray Anderson has his hands full today. The NFL director of football operations will review three separate cheap shots, all of varying degrees from Week 12. The first and most talked about is the Ndamukong Suh donkey kick to the groin of Matt Schaub.

Though it’s hard to judge intent here, Suh’s likely to face a 1-game suspension with a hefty fine. Like a repeat felon, Suh’s rap sheet does him in here, the most offensive crime of which occurred last Thanksgiving. Oddly enough, of the three plays featured here, this was the least offensive.

A clearly frustrated Brodrick Bunkley took dead aim at Alex Boone’s head following a blocked field goal (he was ejected). If precedence’s any indication Bunkley will also receive a suspension (Suh received 2 games last year for a similar incident).

And that brings us to Jared Allen’s brutal blindside block of Lance Louis. A block that led to Louis leaving the game with injury. The NFL instituted a new rule in the offseason outlawing this type of hit but that’s the least of Allen’s concerns here. The launching towards the head is what’s likely to anger Anderson as the the league continues to fight head-hunting. With that said, I doubt Allen gets anything more than a fine. With no history, the league will simply slap him on the wrist.

Let us know what you think? Which cheap shot was the worst?

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