Who wants some Luv Shaq vodka?

by 5 years ago

Get it you guys, Luv Shaq vodka as in Love Shack from that not at all annoying song from the The B-52’s. The sugar-free, gluten-free coconut flavored vodka will launch early next year.

Luv Shaq vodka


The label features Shaq with giant wings, presumably because the vodka will make you fly. No wait, that’s Red Bull.
The giant wings is because Shaq thinks he’s like Superman. No wait, that’s Dwight Howard.
The giant wings is because is because Shaq thinks he’s cupid. Ugh, no.

The real reason? Shaq once referred to himself as “The Big Black Unit” and thus, Luv Shaq makes perfect sense…I think. Who knows.

The vodka will go head-to-head with P Diddy’s Ciroc according to Shaq’s people, though it won’t be as pricey. So, not sure how it will go head-to-head but I digress. Shaq’s a smarter business man than you or I. Coconut flavored vodka is pure genius.

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