Why Ed Reed is right about the NFL turning into a Powder Puff league

By 12.03.12

Ed Reed had some rather strong words about the NFL’s new rules following the Ravens loss to the Steelers. In no uncertain terms, he believes the league is turning into something resembling Powder Puff.

“It sucks, man,” Reed said. “It sucks really bad. It affects me, man. I thought about it coming into this game, cause obviously it happened the last time we played.”

“I feel like (the NFL) was trying to make an example out of a couple of things that happened a week before,” Reed said. “I didn’t want to do something for the NFL. A little bug told me there was something in the air about that, that they kind of had it out for me. That’s bad. I was like, ‘If you’re not going to support me as a player in your league, in our league, why would you think I was going to come back and wear something on my shoulder pads to support you when you’re just fining us?’ “

The NFL has argued they’re about protecting player safety and yet, nothing has changed regarding dirty offensive line tactics. Tactics that have resulted in multiple knee injuries this year, including that of Brian Cushing.

Moreover, the NFL seems determined to protect offensive players at all costs even when it comes to the detriment of the game. Case in point, the Ed Reed supposed dirty hit on Emmanuel Sanders.

Compare it to this block/hit by Hines Ward two years ago.

Which one seems more brutal? Which one resulted in a guy almost losing $400k in salary?

I think people, fans especially, forget football is a violent sport and at times tackles are going to result in injuries. Sadly, some of those injuries are to the head. It’s a part of the game. The sooner everyone understands that, the sooner we can get back to watching football and not breaking down Ndamukong Suh’s latest faux pas frame-by-frame.


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