Will Joseph Gordon-Levitt play Batman sooner than we think?

By 11.27.12

DC Comics

How soon do you think Joseph Gordon-Levitt will play Batman? Is he playing Batman… right now? For sexual reasons? Probably not, considering. So if you haven’t seen The Dark Knight Rises yet you’re some kind of weird hermit and you don’t have Internet or something, so it’s not a spoiler to reveal that Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character in that movie was actually named Robin, and as the movie ends he’s inherited the Batcave and all of Bruce Wayne’s wonderful toys. The Christopher Nolan trilogy is over, but DC Comics is going to want to keep making money off the Bat, so that brings us to this latest rumor.

Obviously the Gordon-Levitt tease wasn’t just a red herring. More Batman movies will be made, and he’s a logical choice to step inside the suit. But DC learned a little something from Marvel’s recent success at the box office: tie everything together to make a “cinematic universe” and you’ll be able to cross-promote your flicks and make more money. Avengers made a billion dollars, and that’s a very attractive number.

DC announced that a Justice League movie is in development a while back, bringing the company’s most iconic heroes together in one film against a global threat. Unlike Marvel, however, they haven’t made any efforts to lay the groundwork for that movie in other films.

Until now, that is. HitFix is reporting that sources inside the company are reporting that JG-L will absolutely star as Batman in the Justice League movie, which will then lead into more solo Batman films.The next DC superhero film to hit will be Zack Snyder’s Man Of Steel, rebooting the Superman franchise with Henry Cavil in the lead role. Snyder first denied that his film was connected to any others, but recently has been dropping hints to the contrary, leading many to speculate that we might see the new Batman as early as the end of that film.

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