Woman drives on sidewalk to avoid school bus, gets bizarre punishment

By 11.14.12

Shena Hardin is an Ohio woman who plead guilty to driving on a sidewalk to avoid a school bus blocking traffic. She also seems like an awful human being.

CBS News screenshot

A cameraphone video captured Hardin driving up a curb and onto a sidewalk for 20 meters to avoid a school bus that had stopped traffic for the children inside.

Judge Pinkey Carr accepted Hardin’s guilty plea on the condition that she would hold a sign that read “Only an idiot would drive on the sidewalk to avoid a school bus” in addition to a $250 fine and one month of a suspended license.

The hope was that Carr’s shaming efforts would lead Hardin to show some remorse that she didn’t show in the court room.

Unfortunately, a CBS news video crew captured Carr lazily holding the sign while leaning against a post, smoking a cigarette, and listening to her headphones, only further serving to outrage locals.

“She’s getting away with it, she’s leaning against the post,” one angry resident told CBS. “If..there were a guard here, she wouldn’t have her headphones on, she wouldn’t be allowed to smoke.”

Check out the video below, specifically the last 30 seconds.

Shena Hardin: You are the worst.


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