Woman stabs man over last can of beer

by 5 years ago

I can think of a dozen reasons why I’m likely to get stabbed one day, but grabbing the last can of Colt 45 is nowhere on the list.

State police said Vanessa Robinson and James Gallone got into an argument at Hempfield Towers Thursday night.

As Gallone tried to leave, he grabbed the last can of Colt 45 beer. That’s when state police said Robinson became angry and stabbed Gallone several times after he dumped the beer on the floor.

Seems like, if anything, she should have shot him.

I don’t want to pretend I’m Rich “Uncle” Pennybags, but that seems unnecessary for a Colt 45. How much are those, $0.99 for a tallboy? Even Afroman thinks that’s a bit excessive. No one, under any circumstances, should dump a beer on the floor, but if we amended the party foul penalties to include stabbings we’d all be in trouble.

If people listened to Billy Dee Williams more often, this could all have been avoided.

Woman faces charges after stabbing man over last beer [WPXI]


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