World’s largest cigar sells for $185,000

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DailyMail, 'Murica

DailyMail, ‘Murica

CigarsDirect just sold the world’s largest cigar for $185,000. And all at once, Bill Clinton’s staffers shutter with terror.

CLEARWATER, Florida (AP) – A giant cigar sitting in a Clearwater warehouse has been sold for $185,000. The cigar is 19 feet long and three feet wide. It’s covered in 16,000 wrapper leaves – enough to make 25,000 regular size cigars – and weighs 1,600 pounds. Juan Panesso runs the online cigar shop He told the Tampa Tribune that a collector asked him to find the rare cigar, which was located in Miami. Panesso says the private buyer got a good deal on the cigar that had a recommended retail price tag of $200,000. The cigar, called El Gigante (The Giant), comes in its own carrying case – a 900-pound round wooden crate. It’s sitting in a warehouse in Clearwater until Tuesday when it will be shipped to its new owner.

You may be thinking, if I’m going to take a cigar down to the nether from a former president, it better at least be an expensive one. And while I appreciate your awkward sense of self-worth, this is not the smoke you are looking for. This truck-sized cigar is three feet wide and nineteen feet long. Even Sasha Grey would slowly back away.

If these guys have one regret about their massive sale, it has to be that no one took a picture pretending like the cigar was their penis. How do you not snap of you standing on a chair with your arms behind your head? You blew it fellas.





What would Freud say? World’s biggest cigar sells for $185,000 [DailyMail]

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