World’s worst dad throws haymakers with baby in hand at Giants parade

by 5 years ago

At some point you have to ask yourself, what am I doing with my life? What am I trying to accomplish on an everyday basis? If your answer includes some form of “throwing haymakers while holding my baby”, well then, you’re doing it wrong.

The world’s worst dad showed up to the Giants parade yesterday and involved himself in fisticuffs with baby in hand. During the melee, he hands off his child to a random stranger and continues his assault with a vicious left cross. We lose sight of him for a moment before we see him getting pummeled on the ground. Thankfully, some bystanders step in before hero Dad leaves some poor kid fatherless.

Just awful all around. Even worse, the fighting occurred during the very awesome and not terribly overused, Gangnam Style. Somewhere, deep in the heart of a crowded mall in middle America, Psy wipes a tear away with his bowtie.

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