10 worst movie quotes to say after sex

by 5 years ago
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Have you ever had a friend that quoted movies so frequently it was like that was the only way they knew how to communicate? Well, there's a time and place for that and the bedroom, post-coitous is certainly not that place. Here are some movie quotes you should never say after sex.

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From: Jerry Maguire

Outcome: The hooker you just slept with is confused because it's actually you who owes her the money.

From: Babe

Outcome: You are given a black eye, and it's more deserved than any violence that has ever been bestowed upon you in your entire life.

From: Come on, do I really have to tell you?

Outcome: You never see her again because you're so painfully nerdy that you actually had to make a Star Wars reference and yet, couldn't find a way to make it into a lightsaber/penis euphemism.

From: Titanic

Outcome: She realizes with horror that you just lost your virginity and promptly exits, never to return.

From: Apocalypse Now

Outcome: Even the most confident woman won’t let this one slide. The next time she touches your junk, it will be with malicious intent.

From: Braveheart

Outcome: If you whisper it under your breath into her ear she’ll run screaming naked out the door. But if you're standing with your hands on your hips wearing only a loin cloth, she might actually think you're pretty funny.

From: T1, T2, T3

Outcome: Uh, if you want to come together, threatening her is not the way to achieve that.

From: Army of Darkness

Outcome: She's feeling disbelief and disgust because she can't fathom how someone could be that full of themselves...and still be so sexy. Hail to the king, baby!

From: The Eagle Has Landed (and of course, the moon landing in '69)

Outcome: She wonders if you're equating yourself to the moon landing and if so, disagrees because the moon landing gave her a much stronger orgasm.

From: When Harry Met Sally

Outcome: She's very is concerned, since what she just had was you.

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