Worx semi-automatic screwgun is like a semi-automatic… gun

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If you’ve got a drill, you’ve totally pretended it was a gun at some point. Either that or pretended you were in a horror movie. Well, the good people at Worx would like to encourage you to pretend that your drill is a firearm as much as humanly possible.

worx semi automatic screw driver

Photo Credit: Worx / Werd

It starts with the bits. You load them, like bullets in a revolver, into a rotating barrel. When you need a new bit, you pull back the sliding top, which is clearly supposed to invoke a 9mm or something, rotate the barrel to the right bit, and put the slide back.

Leaving aside the blatant firearms design, this is actually useful as anybody who uses a drill can attest. Keeping track of your bits can be an enormous pain in the ass, and this system seems to both avoid having to tighten the chuck and also having to root through a plastic box full of bits after they’ve all fallen out of their holders and in between the floorboards. And it has an LED guide light.

Okay, so, the firearm thing is really the key selling point here. It’ll run you $50 and will be available in December.

Worx Semi-Automatic Electric Screwdriver [Werd]

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