Wrestler botches finishing move, ends up about as close to paralysis as one can get

by 4 years ago

Ring of Honor is a smaller wrestling promotion known for its super-athletic wrestlers and impressive looking moves. But this past weekend in Nashville, one wrestler messed up a finishing move and the result is a sick sick looking ending that could have broken his spine.

Courtesy of Deadspin, here’s what the move performed correctly with AJ Styles and another wrestler looks like:

The good news? The wrestler who was hurt — who, by the way, it was totally the fault of for taking the bump the wrong way — named Roderick Strong revealed that he is in fact not dead:


But you know what? Good for AJ Styles. He’s just making some next level wrestling reality shit here. We all know wrestling is fake so what better way to up the intensity than teetering on the brink of paralyzing your opponent. If pro wrestling were real, that’s basically all the guys would do, just trying to crack spines and legs in every match. It’s time to take the art form to a higher plane of existence, just dudes being rolled out and eating nothing but apple sauce left and right. Like you wouldn’t watch.

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