WTA to curb grunting from players with ‘grunt-o-meter’

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For years, fans and players alike have complained about the shrieking and grunting at tennis matches. Now it appears the WTA is finally taken a stand on the issue with a “grunt-o-meter” of sorts–a handheld device for umpires to presumably measure the decibel level from offenders.

“It’s time for us to drive excessive grunting out of the game for future generations,” WTA CEO Stacey Allaster said.

“The bottom line is that we want to bring forward across all levels of competition an objective rule through use of technology to make it much easier for athletes and chair umpires.

Unfortunately, it appears current players are immune from the new rules. So if you’re annoyed by Maria Sharapova’s moans and Victoria Azarenka’s wailing, well, just deal with it for another decade.

On the men’s side however, nothing will change. Yes, this is absolutely sexist.

As an avid tennis fan, I can tell you that at times, players like Rafael Nadal are just as annoying as any female player. The difference? No one on the men’s side has the balls to complain. I often make fun of Caroline Wozniacki for choking in tournaments but she deserves immense credit here for standing up for other players on tour. Players who were sick of the grunting, the shrieking and groaning that often times is used as an advantage.

Don’t believe me? Watch this clip of Maria Sharapova practicing.

See, she can turn it on and off if she wants. She doesn’t have Tourette’s or some uncontrollable tick–she shrieks because she wants to and nobody has told her to stop until now. Hopefully, somebody on the men’s tour stands up soon. Because frankly, I could do without the Nadal orgasm.

Tell us: Will tennis be better off with grunt-o-meter? [USA Today]

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