Yao Ming and Charles Barkley should get together and play golf

by 5 years ago

What does it look like when a 7’6″ man tries to golf? Well, I’m glad you asked. Yao Ming hit the links over the weekend for the World Celebrity Pro-Am at Mission Hills. He looked as uncomfortable with a club in his hand as Ryan Lochte does with a calculator.

His first attempt at a pitch resulted in a chili dip and his second fared marginally better. Somebody should tell Yao to choke down on that club next time. Turn his 6-foot long wedge into something easier to handle.

By the way, other celebrities at this Pro-Am included Adrian Brody, Ryan Reynolds, Michael Phelps, Ronaldo, and Minka Kelly. Folks in the business call that digging the bottom of the barrel to fill slots.

(Not you Minka, we love you)

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