Yerdle: Unload your stuff, or borrow someone else’s

By 11.28.12

We’ve all had this problem: You need a specific power tool for a job at home, but you can’t remember who has it and who doesn’t. Yerdle aims to make it easier to find it by turning your list of friends into your own private Craigslist.



It’s a fairly simple app, really. You add friends to the app, and then, if you need to borrow something, you just put up a quick note on Yerdle. Or, if you were looking to unload all your Jets gear now that they’ve been defeated by their own asses, you could post that up for free and your friends can come take it away.

The obvious drawback of the app is that you need to have your friends on it, and also, you’ll need to have an iPhone. You can use the site directly, but it doesn’t allow you to upload your Facebook friends to the site, so you’ll have to add them one at a time.

On the other hand, it’ll also be a fairly easy sell once you explain that whole “never send out a mass text about a power tool again” thing.

Yerdle [iTunes Store]

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