Amazon cloud storage is now on your Roku and your iPhone

By 12.17.12

If you buy music off of Amazon, you… well, actually, you probably almost never use Amazon’s cloud storage system to play back music. But if you buy music off of Amazon, it’s stored on there, usually automatically.



And now, you can play it back on iOS and Roku, in an app that’s actually pretty useful.

The main aspect of the app that’s attention-getting is the design. Amazon hasn’t always been the best with app design: They’ve been rock-solid in terms of streaming, but navigating the menus are a pain in the butt. This app is actually a much more flexible and usable app than previous Amazon designs.

Probably the best decision about this was the fact that it’s on the Roku, which is in turn is generally hooked up to the best audio system in the house. Streams are clear and sound good, although you will have to stay on top of your cloud drive.

Also, there is the small fact of the matter that you only get 5GB free. But, hey, if you buy music from them anyway, the app is free, and it’s another option to stream music.

Amazon Cloud Player [Roku]

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