Your next cellphone might come from Dish Network

by 6 years ago

Dish Network is getting pretty aggressive as a company lately. First it bought out Blockbuster to built a Netflix competitor, and now it’s buying up companies like TerreStar and DBSD, which you don’t care about and are dying anyway, but own valuable chunks of spectrum.

dish-network-phone-newsWhat is Dish up to? It’s trying to become your all-in-one data provider, that’s what.

Dish Network has had ambitions to get into selling you phones, not just satellite dishes, for a while. It was one of the companies suggested as a possible buyer for T-Mobile when the AT&T merger went belly-up, and even went out and bought some of its own spectrum a while back.

So, will it work? That’s an open question. The Blockbuster acquisition was pretty much pointless: Dish shelled out a lot of money for a dying brand, and then turned it into a Netflix competitor that nobody who doesn’t already subscribe to their service would want to bother with. Similarly, it’s hard to imagine Dish wouldn’t want to bundle cell phone service with their satellite service, meaning most people would be automatically apathetic about the deals involved. But it is pretty interesting…especially since it could make Dish a major provider of 4G signals.

Dish buys TerreStar [Engadget]

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