$1 Million LSD Ring Busted at Drexel University

By 02.01.12

Five people were busted for running an alleged million-dollar LSD ring in West Philly, on and around Drexel University. Police seized 950 hits of LSD with a street value of $28,000 and $10,000 in cash. Authorities say the three men busted were allegedly selling L to Drexel students for $10 to $30 a hit, banking an estimated $5,000 – to $15,000 a week. One student was also arrested, but the name was not released. Apparently there was some crazy “Breaking Bad” stuff going down before the bust. Via ABC Philly:

Detectives in Upper Moreland originally notified the DA’s office that they had arrested a Drexel University student on marijuana and gun charges. That student then became an informant by allowing investigators to record phone calls of his drug transactions. A second person was subsequently arrested and then became a second informant.

There's no word from the Philly DA at whether or not these guys were the chemist cooking the acid or not. Anyone who's ever read a Tom Wolfe or Ken Kesey book knows that LSD synthesis is an extremely complex chemical procedure. So, not to knock anyone's IQ or advanced knowledge of the pharmacology, but it seems unlikely these three dudes were acutally producing the L, judging by the photos. The million dollar number also seems a little questionable, since usually police departments love to inflate the street value of high-profile busts like this. To hit a $1 million, they would have had to been pushing $15k a week for well over a year, all unnoticed.

As for the mugshot above? Classic wook and look like some of the tour rats that hang out with their fingers in the air outside Phish shows, hustling an amphitheatre parking lots. I can't stand those guys. Apparently their blotter sheets came in the form of Homer Simpson, Sponge Bob, and Jerry Garcia. Ohhhh, the pretty colors. Trippy brah (via):

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