Relationships: 10 Little Hoorays For Dudes

by 5 years ago

1. Laundry Folding

As a man, being a slob is next to natural. Even if you do fold your own laundry, chances are it won’t be up to her standards. Her folding your dirty gym stank saves you time, effort, and is the ultimate way for you to mark your man territory.

2. Playlist Making

If you’re gonna have that wine and cheese couples night, it's always great when you can use your carefully crafted playlist to wow your guests. Everybody loves Neil Diamond, and that song may have just turned an awkward gathering into a thriving party.  

3. Her Watching “Your Show”

Better yet, turning “your show” into “our show.” Nothing sets off the sexual fanfare as much as bonding over the greatness of “Modern Family.” And you introducing it to her is the surefire sign of a clear winner.

4. Being Right About an Obscure Fact

Validation at its finest. Knowing a strange fact about her favorite reality television star–perhaps that she ALSO grows fresh basil in her garden–will win her over tenfold. It's also surefire way to earn a little treat later on that night. 

5. Getting Your Girl Into Sports

Sometimes, unfortunately, this could be too much of a good thing. Having your woman join your fantasy football league is always great–having her massacre you is a different story. 

6. No More Dirty Work Clothes

With all those hours you're working, the dress clothes may be starting to pile up unceremoniously in your closet. Getting to the cleaners is getting increasingly difficult, but increasingly necessary. Accordingly, her surprising you with a fresh batch of shirts and ties is a glorious moment indeed.

7. Winning with GPS

No longer does she have to nag you about missing the turn for the roadside vacation cabin. With GPS, you are now a directional master!

8. Laissez-Faire Attitude Regarding Adult Entertainment

This goes without saying. The more she cares about this, the worse it is for your lasting happiness. The less she cares about…hooray!

9. Winning the Battle of Sunday Football

The girl who gives his man a day to gorge himself with wings, beer, and brats is a most definitely a keeper. Never has bragging about how much better your girlfriend is than your friends' other halves felt so good. They, to their chagrin, are stuck at the Farmers Market. Win!

10. Uncorking the Wine

A particularly difficult bottle, that is. You may be forced to watch strange reality television shows, but you’re still a MAN.

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