Thanksgiving is for the Birds: 10 Shocking Turkey Mishaps

by 7 years ago

10. A turkey shoot — literally

What does a .50 caliber bullet do to a frozen turkey? What better than having bikini-clad girls with guns demonstrate for you!

9. Hopefully your Thanksgiving doesn't end up like this one

8. A turkey drop

7. PSA: Don't let this happen to you

6. A deep fried turkey disaster in paradise

5. “Dirty Jobs” host Mike Rowe inseminates turkey hens

4. Fire extinguishers on grease fires: yeah, that doesn't really work either

3. U.S. Marines demolish a turkey

2. Frying a turkey on a wooden deck

Not only are these ass-clowns deep frying on a wooden deck, they attempt to fight the fire with a hose. Stay tuned for when the lady awkwardly tries to explain the situation to 911.

1. The MJ Radio Morning Show simulates an indoor deep fried turkey catastrophe


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