A Bro Asks: My Cheating Ex-Girlfriend and I Made a Sex Tape. Should I Release It?

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I  just found out that my best friend’s girlfriend of over four years cheated on him with his old roommate (and our frat brother). It  must have happened several times and when the guy who she cheated with moved out to California, this girl told my friend she was going to New Jersey but it  turns out she went to California to see him. The worst part is that this girl kept my friend from being in on so many fun occasions. The catch is that she is very attractive and my friend has several homemade adult entertainmentos and nekked photos of her. This brings up an interesting question: What should become of those photos and videos?

BroKim Noah

Yo Bro,
To an outsider, what needs to happen with those adult entertainmentographic items seems as clear as an albino’s eyelid. Your friend needs to take the high road and burn, or somehow dispose of, all the evidence. I mean, why not be the good guy, even in the wake of his ex playing him for a fool while taking a heartfelt, seven-pound shit on his face?

Naw, you know I’m just pulling your f*cking leg. This kid obviously needs to post that shit all over the Internet but only after he edits his own face out and replaces it with a picture of Mel Gibson.

It is common knowledge that two wrongs always make a f*ckin’ right and one of the best ways to get over a girl, especially a two-bit hoe of this magnitude, is to publicly humiliate her and effectively ruin her life. Now, I am well aware that I recently wrote an article acting as a proponent of cheating once to see if it can save your relationship or if you are wasting your time. But this b*tch clearly went overboard. She f*cked your buddy’s friend, on multiple, premeditated occasions. And then she had the guile to fly 3,000 miles (behind his back) just to suck this other kid’s dick. That is completely preposterous if you think about it; his cock had better be the fountain of youth to justify that trip.

Your friend has all this wonderful ammunition just collecting dust and the best thing he can do is send those photos and videos to everyone who has ever come into contact with this broad and even those who haven’t. Send it to her family, friends, co-workers, websites (just like this one), and Tiger Woods (if she’s a blonde).

Now you go and you tell your friend that this, along with maybe hiring a female cage fighter to beat her void of any mercy, is the best and only revenge. And then, after all this is behind him, take your buddy out and help him reintroduce his cock to the world. Throw it a launch party. This could really wind up being a modern-day fairytale.

P.S. This reply is nowhere near the level of maliciousness it was before AG got his hands on it. But, I can see his point that I probably shouldn’t be telling people to read “The Uni-Bomber’s Field Guide to Mailing Lethal Explosives” and then go and do what their heart tells them.

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