Morning Buzz for August 2nd, Presented by Christina Moustaka

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  • Top 10: Business Tips, Starring Richard Branson. [Ask Men]
  • The 10 Most Annoying People To Watch Sports With. [Bleacher Report]
  • 100 Explosive Bikini Designs. [Trendhunter]
  • Nine common adult entertainment moves that you should avoid. [Guyism]
  • Chick Flicks With Dicks. Translation: Movies with hot girls and big jerks. [Smoking Jacket]
  • Cute college chicka Mary loves “Five Guys.” [College Humor]
  • 30 Gigantic Jennifer Love Hewitt Jiggling Boob GIFS. [COED]
  • Australian cougar/smoke show of the day Sharni Vinson. [Maxim]
  • Vanilla Ice Jumps a ’67 Cadillac into a Fish Pond…also known as ‘Dumbest Stunt Ever’ [Foundry Music]
  • 20 Hot Female Athletes Who Should Model Underwear Like Tim Tebow. [Bleacher Report]
  • The story of a guy who drank 13 beers while running 13 miles. [Barstool NYC]
  • Indians’ 3rd Baseman Marte Strike Out Swisher With 3 Pitches. [TPS]
  • Ten ways to impress a first date in style. [Linkiest]
  • Meet Bronson Arroyo’s alleged girlfriend, Kerry. [Busted Coverage]
  • 25 hot girls with cats. [Manofest]
  • Charity Hodges went to the beach and took some pictures. [Gorilla Mask]
  • The 20 Hottest Pictures Of Eva Mendes. [Heavy]


Today’s Morning Buzz is the heartiest Morning Buzz in BroBible history. More pics of Christina Moustaka via Guyism, lots of links, a special Shark Week Catch of the Day, a Fact of the Day, an Infograph of the Day, Five Awesome Thing(s) of the Day, and an extra special video message from Kenny Powers. In otherwords, it’s a must click.



Required Reading

  • 18 Money-Saving Tricks. [Esquire]
  • 8 ways fascist feminists are ruining America’s women. [Linkiest]
  • Meet Basil Marceaux — Most Awesomely Inarticulate Political Candidate Ever. [Asylum]
  •  How to Get Your Partner Interested in Videogames. [Uproxx]
  • Best I-Phone app ever? [Frisky]
  • 10 Disgusting “Foods” You Loved As A Kid. [Experience Project]
  • 10 really easy summer dates. [Made Man]
  • How to forcast the weather without gadgets. [Imgur]
  • Photos of a UFO from a Brazilian jetliner. [Pedal to the Metal]
  • The United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia set to block BlackBerry services they can’t monitor. [NY Times]
  • Drunken Argument: Jersey Shore vs The Real Housewives. [Holy Taco]


Funny, Random, Etc.

  • Captain Planet and the Gulf Oil Disaster. [College Humor]
  • The Thirteen Most Epic Police Fails Of All Time. [Ranker]
  • What would Jesus do? [Ned Hardy]
  • Look at these f-ing bears. [Huffington Post]
  • Best pedestrian sign ever? [Daily What]
  • Nothing says “Bad Ass” like lazers and kittens. [Regretful Morning]
  • These statues could be takening the wrong way. [The Chive]
  • VIDEO: Kangaroo “licking it” [Gorilla Mask]
  • This chick mistakes the lockers for dominoes. Woops! [EJB]


Fact of the Day

  •  U.S. Drinking Rate Edges Up Slightly to 15-Year High. I’ll drink to that.  [Gallup]


  • Rupert Murdoch May Buy Himself a Baseball Team. [Gawker]
  • Five Examples of When Athletes Spit on People. [Unathletic]
  • Seven Things To Expect During the 2010 Big Ten Media Days. [Bleacher Report]
  • An Animated Mock Interview With LeBron James. [TPS]
  • When UGA Frat Boys Attack (Over a $105 Tailgate-Parking Bill). [Deadspin]
  • 10 Safe Bets for the 2010 College Football Season. [Bleacher Report]



  • Seven Horrible Movie Haircuts That We Wouldn’t Wish On Our Worst Enemy [Clutch]
  • The 75 Greatest Tunnel Bangers. [Complex]
  • Strippers and Werewolves: Together at Last. [Screen Junkies]
  • Sudanese Rapper Bangs does commercial. [Film Drunk]
  • Ten Disney Villains Falling to Their Deaths. [Gunaxin]
  • The Five Finest Acting Performances By Will Smith. [Unreality]
  • An Open Letter to the Producers of Entourage, obviously written before last night’s show. [egoTV]



Awesome Thing of the Day

“The Gamerator” — An arcade machine that doubles as a kegerator.  [ via Fark]





  • TAG Geuer Meridiist cell phones [Born Rich]


  • The Goldcaster: A $1,000,000 guitar made out of 18 ct. gold. [Made Mansion]



Catch of the Day

  •  Fisherman Catches One-in-30-Million Yellow Lobster. [Gawker]



Galactic Lingerie Photoshoot of the Day via [Trendhunter]


Auto-Tuned Viral Video of the Day

“Dey Be Rapin’ Errbody Out Here” The Auto-Tuned Re-Mix [via Gorilla Mask]


Infograph of the Day

Infographic by The Big Picture


“Real Jersey Shore” Video of the Day 


Kenny Powers Video of the Day




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