The 15 Best Man Caves on the Internet

By 11.03.09

Every property-owning Bro's post-college digs should have a some sort of man cave: a sanctuary — or mantuary — dedicated to masculine awesomeness. It is a necessary refuge for drama-free existence from the mundane 9-to-5 world. [inline:snoop] Snoop Dogg's Man Cave. Pic via DIY The man cave is the grown-up, suburban equivalent of the bachelor pad and often associated with married, middle-age men who want to ensure domestic tranquility while cohabitating with a female in the homestead. Once known as a den, the man cave is usually a subterranean lair where bros can be bros like they were in college without the interference of domestic obligations like girlfriends, wives, and horribly tedious household chores. Essentially, it is a dedicated and practical pleasure chamber where you can rip a methane bomb, pack a dip, shot-gun a beer, make illogical bets on point spreads, play poker, eat grilled meats, discuss bedroom conquests, and scratch your ball sack without judgment or interference well into your golden years.


Engineering and constructing one's man cave by hand is an important part of the experience, as is decorating it without the help of a girlfriend or wife. The hard work and toil will be a badge of pride for years to come. Requisite items to classify a garage or basement as man cave include an enviable TV set up, a minibar, beer refrigerator, and some sort of indoor recreation. Either a pool table, dart board, poker table, or foosball is clutch for the success of your habitat. Man caves can also be tastefully pimped with extras like an aquarium, cigar humidors, str*pper poles, golf driving simulators, a keggerator, arcade games, video games, neon signs, and beer brewing kits. Depending on one's hobbies or interests, a bro's lair can also be chock-full of sports memorabilia, hunting and fishing taxidermy, adult entertainment, a bong collection, or other miscellaneous masculine schwag. The man-topia phenomenon took off with the popular show Man Caves on the DIY Network, which showcases bro-friendly basement home-remodeling ideas and do-it-yourself instruction. The show is hosted by a very grizzly looking Tony “The Goose” Siragusa, a retired NFL defensive tackle for the Baltimore Ravens. Back in March, the craze received a significant nod in the bromance flick, “I Love You, Man.” Jason Segel's tricked out lair in the movie is packed with enough video games, music equipment, and adult entertainment — not to mention his jack-off chair — to survive the unfortunate nightmare of a Mormon moral uprising. Without further ado, I present to you a pictorial round up of 15 bad-ass and enviable man caves for your pipe dream and property adult entertainment-viewing pleasure.

15. The LSU Garage  Purple and yellow isn't exactly the most manly decorating colors for a mantuary, unless it's to support your rabid alumni fanaticism for the LSU Tigers. Practically every detail in this suburban New Orleans garage bleeds purple and gold, including the purple felt-lined pool table, a trophy case, and a purple- and gold-speckled floor. The poker table and a keggerator are appropriate touches for Saturday marathons of SEC football. These guys broadcast their suburban exploits online at

14. The Hockey Fan Man Cave  Hockey can be a real pain in the ass to watch with people who don't understand the sport. DIY's Man Caves outfitted the bar with lockers and specifically designed the basement to look like a hockey rink, complete with icy-white floor surface and walls painted like an official NHL rink. Pics via and Leopard Films USA.

13. The House of Rock Man Cave  Crammed with signed rock memorabilia and a sofa created from the tail fins of a '57 Chevy, this man cave in suburban Kansas City has a striking resemblance to a Hard Rock Cafe. This is hardly a surprise, considering the master of this dominion is Dan Leap, a guitar-shredding city council member in Merriam, Kansas, who creates patented lamps out of vintage guitars and other musical instruments for a living. Leap's man cave collection includes artifacts from hairband icons like Ted Nugent, Joan Jett, Poison, and Jackyl. Pics via Rate My Space

12. The Basement Nightclub Man Cave  It isn't South Beach or SoHo, but the Maggard's chic downstairs digs are custom-built for cutting loose on the dance floor without the crowds of a night on the town. The seven month-long project — dubbed “Club LG” — includes a bar with blue LED lights, granite counters, mod furnishings, and an Ebony laminate flooring.  Pics via Rate My Space/glennmaggard

11. Boutte's Pub Man Cave  Sure, it's not the most bad-ass garage ever, but this bro gets an honorable mention and a fist pound for heart. According to Rate My Space, the proud owner of this roadhouse garage pub started this project after the death of his best friend as a way to cope with his grief. He dedicated it to his best bro, Boutte. In addition to motorcycles, this man cave is outfitted with neon beer signs, steel beams, bar stools, a workshop, and slick chrome walls. Pics via Rate My Space/mlamart

10. The Georgia Tech Fan Cave  Georgia Tech memorabilia is stuffed into practically every nook and cranny of this basement lair in in Franklin, North Carolina. The Yellow Jacket treasure trove is noted for its devoted collection of thousands of autographs, jerseys, and authentic gate signs from G-Tech's Bobby Dodd Stadium at Historic Grant Field. Pics via 2 The Man Cave

9. Harley-Davidson Man Cave When this Southern California garage is not being used as a crash pad for two hogs, it's a watering hole for chrome-loving motor heads. Pics via Rate My Space/Gunslinger

8. The Ultimate TV Man Cave How many football games can you watch at once? The cave men who frequent this Westford, Massachusetts, hangout can watch seven different sports feeds at the same time, including two on HD DLP projectors. According to, this basement manland is modeled after the ESPN Zone. Pic via

7. The Trophy Hunt Man Cave  A Hemingway-esque collection of taxidermy beasts and furs is essential for any bro who bags and tags big game. However, this Davy Crockett's collection of stuffed mammals is missing a few busts to truly tie over the room — namely a moose, a marlin, and a gazelle. Mad props for the mountain lion and water buffalo though. Pic via Man Cave Site

6. The Strip Club Man Cave  Who says women aren't allow in a man cave? Clothing optional, of course. Pic via My Bad Pad

5. The Golf Den Man Cave  Every bro should be able to work on his golf swing, even in the driving rain and snow. This bro built a state of the art golf simulator under his garage. He claims it “uses the same technology that the Pentagon uses to track the trajectory of high-speed projectiles.”  Pics via Steve Kuhl/Flickr

4. The Classic Garage Man Cave One man's trash is another man's man cave treasure. In order to build his Mopar classic car garage and chill-out zone, this HGN-TV user salvaged material like a 10-foot motorized projection screen, stools, windows, cabinets, and counters from local renovation projects. You can almost smell the motor oil from the pictures alone. The checkered flags and cars — including a 1969 Dodge Charger — are the ultimate man cave touch. Pics via Rate My Space/440roadrunner

3. The Late Bruce Stern's Man Cave Often falsely attributed as the gun vault of late actor and NRA president Charlton Heston, this subterranean lair is the firearms collection of the late Bruce Stern, an attorney, Wharton Business alumnus, and Vietnam War vet. After he passed in 2007, his massive gun collection fetched $12.7 million at auction. Stern's man cave is accessible through a bad-ass bank safe door and includes a flamethrower, as well as a number of machine guns. In fact, I would wager there are enough high-powered and lethal weapons in Stern's vault to arm a small militia in the event of a zombie apocalypse. Pics via Hoax Slayer

2. The Backyard Man Cave  This backyard hideout is literally a synthetic cave that is retrofitted like the set of Legends of the Hidden Temple, except with a 40-inch Marantz TV for movies and video games and a Control4 home automation system. The grotto includes a throne, multiple entrances, hidden compartments, and fiber optic lights. The verdict is still out on the comfort of this king's throne.Pics via Electronic House

1. The Bat Cave Man Cave  This cavernous home theater is fit for either Bruce Wayne or Fred Flintstone. The specs of this $100,000+ home theater in Melbourne, Australia, include a 10-foot-wide screen, Lexicon amplifiers, and eight channel surround sound, as well as meticulously plastered basement walls to authentically replicate an actual craggy underground lair. Pics via Giz Magazine

Honorable Mentions: Manland North's Man Cave Wyatt P's Man Cave


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