15 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Fellow Dude

By 07.24.12

  1. 28% said they gauge the size of their penis relative to other men's by “research online.”
  2. 52% said they “don't care how their size stacks up.”
  3. 50% of men have lied about the number of partners they've slept with.
  4. 40% of men think that women appreciate abs as the most attractice body part.
  5. 36% of men will not scrimp on quality when it comes to buying cologne; 59% are will to splurge when buying cologne. 
  6. 77% of men dressed explictly to impress women.
  7. 47% of men consider education and “broadening their horizons” to be the primary value of going to college; 4% consider the primary value “Meeting girls and having fun.”
  8. 54% of all men believe women put too much value on a man's financial worth, but are cool with it because men put a lot of value on women's looks.
  9. 49% of men would punch a colleague in the face, if they could get away with it; 29% would punch their boss in the face.
  10. 54% of men would have sex with a coworker if the opportunity arose
  11. 43% of men say they'd be bothered if a girl has slept with 10 or more partners previously
  12. 73% of men would take a male birth-control pill if it were available
  13. 4% of men don't believe the G-spot really exists.
  14. 6% of men say they have anal sex with their partner once a month.
  15. 26% of men say they regularly fantasize about a partner's friend.

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