17-Stripper Brawl With Flying Shoes Costs Man Use of His Eye

By 11.05.12

According to KXAN-TV, the fight between the strippers began in the dressing room at Hot Bodies in Austin on Oct. 26. That’s when authorities say 21-year-old Victoria Perez threw her high-heel shoe, hitting a man in the eye.

Austin police tell KVUE-TV that the tip of the heel struck the man in the left eye, leaving him with injuries so severe that he might likely lose it.

The stripper riot was caught on surveillance video. Authorities say Perez told them that she “may have” thrown her high heel.

“In the manner of its use, the high heel shoe could have been a deadly weapon,” the affidavit stated, according to KXAN.

Jesus Christ, that’s a bad beat. I’ve taken a lot of terrible trips to the strip club, but have walked away with my vital organs intact each and every time. I guess I haven’t known hardship.

It’s extremely sad when the happiest place in the world outside of Disney World turns into a house of horrors.

But if you think this type of thing is going to keep men from coming, think again. That’s why God gave us two eyes.

[H/T: CBS Houston]


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