17-Year-Old Rapelled into Dealership and Stole D-Bag Celebrity Chef Guy Fieri’s Lambo

by 6 years ago

It’s really not a surprise that blonde-tipped, tool bag extraordinaire Guy Fieri bought a $200,000 yellow Lamborghini Spyder Gallardo the second he could. What is surprising is that some teenager broke into a garage at a San Francisco car dealership “Gone in 60 Seconds” style, rapelling through the ceiling, and took off with it. 17-year-old Max Wade is being charged with the crime after police found the car stashed in a storage locker.

That’s pretty ballsy and all but this kid is a straight-up crazy criminal. The car was unexpectedly found Saturday after police were investigating a drive by shooting of a couple that was allegedly perpetrated by Wade on April 13th.

Along with Guy Fieri’s Lambo, police found several weapons and ammunition, electronic jamming equipment, a legit San Francisco PD uniform, fake IDs, coordinates for police frequencies, and the motorcycle allegedly used in the shooting.

Wade is being charged as an adult with two counts of attempted murder, commercial burglary, shooting at an occupied vehicle (which is apparently different than attempted murder), receiving stolen property, and auto theft. He could face life in prison for the attempted murders.

The car was returned to Guy Fieri so he can feel free to sashay around town in his yellow car again.

Note: I know I shouldn’t hate on a guy for buying a yellow Lamborghini because that costs more than my house but I really can’t stand the dude, his hair, or his persona. I only knock on the car so badly because my first reaction to hearing that he drove that vehicle was “Of course he does.”

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