If You Find or Steal a Debit Card, You’ve Got a 20% Chance of Guessing the Pin

By 09.24.12

According to the Daily Mail

A new study has revealed just how lazy we are when it comes to digital security – as nearly one in nine of us goes for '1234'.

By contrast, the rarest code of all is '8068', as only 0.000744 per cent of people choose this random string of digits as a PIN. 

The analytics firm studied a database of 3.4million four-digit passwords, drawn together from lists of PINs which have been leaked by hackers over the past few years. 

Along with '1234', other extremely popular choices are '1111' and '0000' – in fact, between them these three make up nearly 20 per cent of all pass codes. 

The rarest PIN of all, '8068', cropped up just 25 times in the 3.4million codes studied. However, Data Genetics warns that now that number's rarity is public knowledge, it might not be the best idea to pick it on the grounds of  security.

Thanks for the useful tip, Data Genetics, and also for making everyone with 8068 now have to change their pin. Assholes.  

All in all, this is a fairly useful study for thieves and people that are morons, but what it really made me want to know is how many people hilariously use 6969 as their pin? Other than my grandmother, of course. Has to be upwards of 30%.

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