Celebrate 4/20 with a Glass of Hemp Vodka

by 6 years ago

Today is 4/20, a day to rejoice in everything and anything cannabis related. Purgatory Distillery in Alaska is bringing weed to you in liquid form, as in vodka. With all the flavors of vodka available now these days you have to be innovative to stand out, as Purgatory did two years ago with their smoked-salmon flavored vodka. The liquor company has created a weed vodka that is distilled with hemp seeds. If you were expecting the kick from the active ingredient of marijuana, you will be disappointed because there is no THC in the alcohol. Bella Coley, the distillery's chief operating officer comments on the taste of the cannabis alcohol, “I like it straight quite a bit because it just has a more refined taste than regular vodka. However, if you're inclined to use it to mix it with something, she says it makes a nice Cosmo and can be used with anything.” As of this week the weed hooch is only available in 18 states, but nine more will be added soon. 

I guess for weed vodka you “chug, chug, give.”

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