Sex, Drugs, and ESPN: 5 Great Tidbits You Haven’t Heard Yet From the New ESPN Book

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5. Tailgaters get a little grabby around Erin Andrews.

Via SportsCenter anchor Cindy Brunson: “Erin is a big Gator alum, and we hung out with her while tailgating, and I have to say, I was afraid for her. These twenty-two-year-old, twenty-five-year-old men are pawing at her and and grabbing at her, and every time she turns around some guy with a cell phone is taking a picture. And some guy is putting his arm around her. I get the attention and everything, that's one thing, but I was physically frightened for her.”

4. ESPN newsrooms were the site of some epic fart wars.

Yep. According to Gary Miller, a former SportsCenter anchor, he and fellow anchor Dan Patrick would “go down to the newsroom and battle. I actually did it to him once on the set, but normally I didn't engage him because he was deadly. I was more about sound; he was more about fury.”

3. “Friendly, f*ckable, and informative. It's like they want to be f*cking you while they're talking to you about football.”

That's what an NFL Films producer told reporter Andrea Kremer in 1987 when she asked what she should look like on camera. It should be noted that when she got to ESPN later in her career, they “freaked out” when she showed her bare arms on TV. Progress!

2. Jimmy V, panty signer.

The late, great Jim Valvano was one of ESPN's better analysts. He was also, apparently, irresistible to women. One female fan approached Valvano in a bar, and promptly told him that her boyfriend said it was okay if she went home with him that night, because they were both such huge fans. When Valvano politely declined the offer, the woman asked him, instead, to sign her panties (which she was still wearing). Valvano obliged, but signed the undergarments “DICK VITALE.” Awesome, baby.

1. The case of the coked-up-secretary and the mail-room bordello.

In the early 1980s, a secretary for ESPN executive Andy Brilliant took another, higher-paying job at a law firm. Or, so he thought. Six months later, the exec would learn over lunch with his former secretary that she had actually checked into rehab after developing a pretty gross coke habit in Bristol. Furthermore, she had been able to afford the white stuff by turning tricks in an ESPN-owned apartment in Manhattan. Says Brilliant: “She said the mail-room guy was keeping the apartment for these girls, and all these good-looking girls were turning tricks in the apartment. It was going on right under our noses. And the receptionist was a really good-looking girl, and she was blowing FedEx delivery guys in the bathroom after work hours.”

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