5 Places to Work Out Without a Gym

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Beach workout 

Running on the beach is easier on your joints and also provides resistance. Lunges squats and standard push-ups also can also add to enhance your workout. Avoid lifting driftwood and using it in your workout. You will get splinters and look like a goon.

Swimming – you also have the whole ocean for you disposal, if the temperature is bearable. Be wary of sharks and other flesh sea creatures. 

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Playground workout

Despite kids and the occasional homeless man you will find you public park is ideal for mimicking a workout you would do at a gym.

Swings – Swings can work as a substitute for TRX strength conditioners.  Try a suspended push-up with your feet resting on them like you would from a TRX conditioner. In that same position with your feet suspended, try a side plank.

Bench – After you have cleared the bench of homeless people and confirmed that there is a sturdy connection to the ground,  do some box jumps. They juice the goose out of you quads and calves.  Experiment with different heights and jumps. Benches and other raised platforms work great for stretching or…sitting.

Monkey Bars – They were awesome then and they are equally as awesome now.  You can do simple pull ups and dips, but also try a hanging L hold. This position is where you  lift your legs into a horizontal position while hanging from the bars. If it is too hard at first try just lifting your knees.

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Park workout 

Much like the playground workout, you can use common places like public benches to enhance your workout. But you overlooked trees, try out the Tree plank. This is where you get yourself in to the common plank position, but instead of resting your feet on the ground, place your feet on the tree so that you are parallel to the ground.  You can always rely on the plank to do wonders.

Along with strength exercises look for trails that range in terrain and inclines. Running outside is much better than that treadmill.

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Pool workout 

This is a prime hangout spot on hot summer days  with a lot of contained  babe action. The pool has been known to train for aerobics , which is good enough exercise. If you want to get some strength in screw the laps, a couple easy moves will get your blood pumping.

Pool side –Triceps lift and dips. This the move to lift yourself out of the pool, minus the awkward leg and dead seal role. Do a couple of reps of this to work your arms and chest.

Diving board – Use it has a chin up bar, but since you have the water to support you,  bringing your knees to your chest and lifting yourself.

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Home workout 

Lastly, the most popular place to get fit without going to gym: your house. It convenient and no one will judge you.  Many household items can give you the same benefit that gym equipment does, that’s where they got their inspiration.

Water jugs– You know those big, blue 5 gallon water jugs? Think of them as a 40 pound dumbbell.  With exercises ranging from one arm rows to power squats to overhead presses, The possibilities are endless.

Wall sits– Ah yes, each one of remembers wall sits as a form of group punishment in one way or another. However this simple, still position can really do magic to your core and legs, without the shame of group punishment.  To increase intensity extend your arms forward or hold out a small book.

Stairs– Stair workouts are effective for aerobic and strength conditioning, your own flight of stairs works great for, Stair Repeats (climb one flight of stairs to the top, descend, and repeat) Skipping steps, and single Step Ups.

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