The 6 Girls You’ll Find at Every Sporting Event

by 5 years ago

1. The Girl Who Knows Her Sh*t

This chick somehow despite the odds of being a female managed to learn something about sports, or maybe just that particular team. She’s into the game she knows the players. She also probably brought tailgate food, which is pretty ideal. 

2. The Girl Who Pretends to Know Her Sh*t

This girl sucks. She watched like ten minutes of “Sports Center” and is now pretending to know what she’s talking about. She doesn’t, but she’s kind of drunk so she’s constantly name-dropping and using irrelevant information.

3. The Drunk Girl

She has no sports affiliation at all. She just came for the drinking atmosphere and free booze. She’s someone everyone can relate to: she’s rowdy, out of control, and causing fight’s with rival fans for no apparent reason. All around she’s pretty entertaining.

4. The Girl Who Asks Questions

Somewhat tolerable, this girl didn’t drink, and in an attempt to raise her standing she’s constantly asking questions. It’s very unclear why she came in the first place.

5. The Tag-Along Friend

This girl is miserable, she didn’t want to go in the first place but her friends forced her. She’s bored as sh*t and wants to go home. She’s possibly the biggest buzz kill in the world. The only good use would be if she was the DD but she probably wasn't because SHE SUCKS.

6. Hot Bitches 

These girls just came to the game to game to dress like sluts and flirt with guys. And they rarely fail at this mission. 

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