Brandy Blair: Former NBA Cheerleader Turned Porn Star

By 12.26.09


Now that Christmas is over and all the hoopla and merrymaking have subsided, it’s time for us to get back to business. And for our first order of business, we want you to grab a bottle of WD-40 from the garage, lock your bedroom door, and make sweet delicious love to yourself to this week’s queen of the smut screen.

Recently, a reader wrote in nominating Brandy Blair as our adult entertainment star of the week. While I usually don’t take requests of any kind — unless a girl sympathetically asks me to stick it in her shit maker — I figured it was the season of giving so I would entertain his request. So Tim Tebro, this one’s for you. I hope this kind gesture brings a little semen-tear to your cock’s eye.


Prior to moving to LA to pursue a career in f*cking, Brandy was a dancer for the Atlanta Hawks. So we should assume that she isn’t shy around a 14 inch cock. Being an NBA cheerleader sounds like a cool job, but the sad truth is that they don’t make dick in terms of money, so it was definitely in Ms. Blair’s best interests to switch careers.

Brandy is a ripe Georgia peach with a plump little ass, a well-done tit job and she tends to f*ck with a smile on her face. To be honest, her face doesn’t do it for me, but her body is banging, she is the first girl we have honored with fake tits and from watching a handful of her best work, she is certainly worthy of this week’s crown.

Age: 26

Eye: Brown

Hair: Blond

Height: 5’6

Weight: 130 lbs

Vaginal Status: Unspoiled

Titty Conditions: 36C





To find videos of the lovely Ms. Blair enjoying all the fruits that a cock has to spew, go to one of the many free adult entertainment sites the internet has to offer. “

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