SFW: The Top 40 Porn Stars Under the Age of 25

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Editor’s Note: There are two separate versions of Waffles McButter’s latest story, “The Top 40 Porn Stars Under the Age of 25.” This is the safe-for-work version; although it’s a story about adult entertainment stars, there is no nud*ty in any of the shots in this story. There is also a NFSW version, which contains b**bs in every shot. If you’d prefer to see the NSFW version, just click right here.

[inline:waffles]Ever find yourself sitting in dead, uninterrupted silence and all of a sudden you begin to wonder who the Top 40 adult entertainment stars 25 years old and under are? Neither do I, but a few weeks ago that exact thought crossed my mind. At the time I was actually sitting in the midst beautiful moans of synchronized pleasure, not silence. As I searched to find nubile and undiscovered young lasses for you and your junk to enjoy, I kept running across girls who were under the age of 21. And that got me thinking, “Why is it that these broads can’t legally drink a pint of Guinness but they can be videotaped chugging quarts upon quarts of something far more frothy and do it all for the sake of our dick’s entertainment?”

I never did come up with an answer to that one, as some stones are better left unturned, but I did find a new mission. As a man who enjoys testing his own mettle (and getting paid for researching smut), I decided to dig up the adult entertainment stars of tomorrow. I scoured the Internet to find broads — all born after 1985 but before 1992 — who are the hottest in their age group. Some of them are already established names in the biz while others are poised to someday replace the women that currently reside in adult entertainment’s stratosphere.

This list took me a painful amount of time to construct because a lot of girls who walk the path of adult entertainmentography do so upon realizing their faces, and the welts that live on its surface, were never meant to be seen in well-lit conditions. Finding attractive photos was a mission all unto itself. I tried to pick an array of women because some of you wacky bastards out there don’t like big tits. Finally, I’d like to thank Howie Marks, our adult entertainment liaison, for his assistance with this. The ladies are listed in alphabetical order by their first names.

(Note: If I couldn’t confirm their age or if they do not have sex with men in videos they are not on this list. Soft-core adult entertainment has no place in my life.)

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Alanah Rae

Birthday: February 9, 1988


Aletta Ocean

Birthday: December 14, 1987


Alexis Texas

Birthday: January 28, 1986


Amy Reid

Birthday: April 15, 1985


Angelina Valentine

Birthday: September 19, 1986


Ashlyn Rae

Birthday: August 31, 1990


Ashlynn Brooke

Birthday: April 14, 1985


Audrey Bitoni

Birthday: August 16, 1986


Ava Rose

Birthday: February 9, 1986


Black Angelica

Birthday: October 25, 1987

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To see the NSFW version of this story, click here.


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