A Chick Breaks Down 9 Summer Shirts and What They Say About a Bro

By 06.29.12

I really do not have any scientific evidence to back any of this up, but I figured I would write it anyways. This is what the shirt you are rocking tells me about you.




1. The Button Down

This is a classic and this shirt says you are classic. You wear this and babes instantly tell you how great you look, simply because you took the time to button your shirt today.





2. The Hawaiian Shirt

This usually signifies that you are on a rad vacation or at some summer Hawaiian themed party, because under no other circumstance should a bro wear a Hawaiian shirt. This shirt says you’re funny, approachable and a sh*t ton more wasted than everyone else. Or you're a total tool. Like I said, really situational. 





3. Going Shirtless

It is summer, so it seems reasonable to say there is a hell of a lot more opportunities to be shirtless than during any other lame season. Whether it is at the beach, a basketball court, or BBQ’ing with fellow bros (preferably with some hot babes and booze), it shows you’re down to rage and probably heavily into yourself. 




4. The Sleeveless/Tank

Now this could be one of two things, you bought a shirt without sleeves or you went all superhero hulk status and ripped them off. Either way you have no sleeves and you look damn good. This look is chill, but says at any random moment you plan to shotgun a beer. (Find those tanks at Brash Brothers)




5.The Frat Letters

Two-story funnels have begun. You waste absolutely no time in setting up the flip cup game, cause you are well aware babes love that stuff. You think joining a frat was the best idea you ever had. Well, It probably was. Who doesn’t love sorority chics?




6.The Plain White Tee

Wearing a white-tee is like asking for disaster, but that does not stop you. You wear a that white tee and you wear it until it is white no more. Because of this outfit choice the stains left behind give you the insight to what happened the night before.




7.The Polo

Most likely you wearing some plaid shorts too. This is always a safe bet for going out and looking classy, but also shows your down to party. You like this style because it goes nice with your handle of rum and in a strange sense you feel like John Blutarsky from Animal House. Be warned, a polo can go from cool to douche in one flip of the collar.




8. The Wife Beater

Frankly if you are this guy you do not give a sh*t and we expect nothing less. Drinking is not a pastime, but a lifestyle for you. You are the guy who yells profanities at the ladies when everyone else pretends to be polite. 




9.The Pinny

The “I play sports” look. Always a good grab when you’re on the beach, hitting the gym, or playing some lax. You are usually first to the beer pong table or administering the keg stands. You almost always end up face down the morning after, unless somehow you got balls deep in some laxtitutes.

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