What Bad Economy? America Cheapest Place in the World for Beer Drinkers

by 5 years ago

According to a study conducted by UBS and reported by The Economist, the U.S. is the best place to get a beer in the world, based on how long it takes a worker to make enough money to afford a pint. In the U.S., it only takes an average of five minutes. That's far and away

From the Daily Mail:

The findings – which coincide with the annual Bavarian beer festival of Oktoberfest – come from a study of how much beer the average worker can buy in various countries conducted by UBS and first reported by The Economist.

How long someone has to work to earn a pint is based on two factors – the average hourly wage, and the average price of a beer.

The U.S. has one of the highest hourly wages of anywhere in the world, and beer is cheaper than in many other rich countries.

In American liquor stores, 500ml (16.9 fluid ounces) of beer costs on average $1.80, while the average worker's wage is around $22 per hour.


America is in pretty strange company at the top of the list: Following the country is the Czech Republic, Germany, the Netherlands, Romania, and China. India finished last. Poor Indian degenerative drunks.


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