America Ranks Second in ‘Internet Freedom.’ Guess Who’s First?

by 5 years ago

The United States has the second highest degree of Internet freedom in the world, according to a new study from Freedom House. What country’s ahead of America? Estonia, a country of 1.29 million in northeast Europe.

Why does Estonia top the list? According to Freedom House, it “ranks among the most wired and technologically advanced countries in the world.”

“With a high internet penetration rate and widespread e-commerce and e-government services embedded into the daily lives of individuals and organizations, Estonia has become a model for free internet access as a development engine for society,” reads the report.

Not to get all lecturiffic, but Estonia, formerly of the good-old U.S.S.R., a nation whose greatest acheivement to the world is developing into a string of nation's that are responsible for some of the more outrageous viral videos known to humankind, has made considerable strides in being an actual, functioning country. Again, this is particularly significant given that a mere 20 years ago, Estonians likely would've been forced to pour ice down their mink pants had they even uttered the word computer. 

As the old saying goes, you always gotta respect an impressive internet penetration rate. 

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