Str*pper, F-Buddies, Vodka, and Vegans in our Ask a Bro

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Q. Some friends and I were having a drunk conversation and we had the following question: If a vegan girl gives you dome, is she still vegan? What if she swallows? Technically it is an animal made product.

A. Vegans are idiots. Nothing about them makes sense to me. They can wear clothes and sit on furniture made from dead animals or animal products, but they can’t eat them or anything they produce? Doesn’t add up.

That said, I’ve come to realize a few things about chicks who go to extremes with their beliefs. No matter if it’s religion or strict dietary habits, if a chick wants to be a discharge swallowing cock sucker, nothing is going to stop her. Being a hoe momentarily trumps everything. Remember that.


Q. Has anyone heard of this clique vodka? It’s blowin’ up around Pittsburgh right now. apparently its the next big thing. move over three olives and ciroc.

A. Ha.

“it’s blowin up around Pittsburgh right now…because no one in Pittsburg has ever heard of, or tasted, vodka until this. Have you guys!?!”

You do realize we’re not complete retards right? We’ve all got college degrees from top universities, so we’re classically trained retards at most. Which means, although our brains are sluggish and at times unresponsive, we’re very capable of deducing what’s a genuine question and what’s a clear attempt to get a product plugged on our website.

But since you’ve mentioned it, I sure have tasted Clique vodka and it’s f*cking terrible. The liquid turd of vodkas, is how I’d describe it.

Q. Is 21 to young to be tied down?



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