How to Get Out of a Hairy Situation: Five Ways to Get a Girl to Shave Downtown

By 06.14.12

O.K., Bros, I'm sure we've all been there: You're hooking up with a girl and things are going well, so you start to slide your hand inside her panties and things suddenly get worse. Just as your fingertips dip down below her panty line, they find the thick, coarse hair of a girl's bush. The realization of an unshaven girl leaves a bro with a few options: play through, tell the broad how gross it is and literally run away, or just stop everything in its tracks without a word and move on to the next girl. I'm here to suggest a fourth option: make the girl adjust herself for your benefit. For this article, I got help from a few of my female friends who realize what a disgrace it is for a woman not to be properly groomed for her man. So, before I go any further, I've got to say thanks to Nicky, Jess, and Grace (not their real names). Now, getting a girl who is used to taking the lazy way out to start shaving can be kind of tricky. According to Grace, if it's just a hook up for a night or two, don't waste your breath because there isn't a close enough relationship to merit a change. The best thing to do in this situation is to either play through (just skip out on going down on her if you can't handle that) or try to get your dick wet somewhere else. If you're actually a regular hook up, or in a relationship with the girl who needs grooming, there are a few methods you can try to get the carpet removed or at least trimmed down.


1. Ask Guys are simple creatures. When we want a beer from the kitchen, we don't say, “Wow, I'm pretty parched right now,” and eye whoever is around us, hoping they will get up and grab us a brew. No, we say, “Woman, get me a beer. And a sandwich while you're at it.” The same is true when trying to get your girl a special haircut; you usually just need to ask. But, Nicky says, “Don't just command her to shave, try to be nice about it.” Bringing it up in conversation (relaxed conversation) will have the best chance of smooth results. If you're relaxed and calm about it, she will be, too. Plus, if she does take a turn to negative town, staying relaxed can give you an easy way out, even if you have to claim you were joking.

2. Suggest it as Foreplay It's not too uncommon for mutual shaving scenes to take place in adult entertainmentos. Try suggesting this in your own bedroom (or bathroom), but, as Grace warns, make sure you're very close to the girl before suggesting this. If she doesn't feel a strong connection in the relationship, it's much more likely that she will be turned off, not on by such an intimate suggestion.

3. Groom Yourself “I would much rather go down on a guy who shaves, or at least trims, than one who has a bush,” says Jess. Not only is this a way to keep the girl happy, but it gives you some leverage in trying to get her to shave. Well, I shave myself, so would it be too much to ask you to return the favor?

4. Withhold Oral Be very careful with this advice, Bros. While many girls love getting oral, taking it away from them until they shave may have devastating results for you and your pen*s. While some girls get the clue and shave if you employ this threat, it is much more likely that she'll get pissed off and not get you off for quite some time. Again, proceed with caution here.

5. Pay for a Day at the Spa for Her For some reason, there are girls out there who think getting a Brazilian waxing is much classier than them actually shaving themselves. If your girl has this idea in her head, let her run with it. Jess gets once-a-week Brazilian waxes, but only because her boyfriend paid for her first trip to the spa to get it done. After that, she was hooked and continued going all on her own. It's a small price to pay for amazing results. Thanks again to Nicky, Jess, and Grace for their suggestions (I know they'll be reading this). If any of you Bros have found techniques for getting out of hairy situations, or techniques that got you eternally shot down, leave them in the comments below.


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