Asking a Girl to Dance Without Coming Off as a Creep

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You may not think that there is a right or wrong way to get a girl to dance with you but you are sadly mistaken. There is no bigger turnoff for a girl than dancing with her friends and suddenly feeling a stranger’s half-chub rubbing up against her butt. The gesture is beyond unappreciated. If you want to dance with a girl the first step would be to ASK her.

If the idea of asking a girl to dance with you gives you anxiety then you need to reevaluate your pregame drug of choice. It’s really not that serious. The worst thing that can happen is that you get denied and move onto the next one. NBD. However, the guy who just comes up from behind and starts dry humping could find himself in a worse scenario. In this case, the worse thing that can happen is that her boyfriend finds the dancing disrespectful, wants to talk outside and is twice your size. Always ask first.

After a few beers most guys think they’re Usher and start breaking out some serious dance moves. Teaching everyone in the club how to Dougie while friends chant your name will definitely grab the attention of all the smokeshows on the dance floor and get them to come to you without having to saying a word. We love when you put on a show for us and we also love being the center of attention so joining you in the circle will come naturally.

Some girls may not have pregamed as hard as they should have and are feeling a little shy. They may be interested in dancing but can’t work up the courage to get in that circle. If you find yourself breaking it down in the center but only being joined by the slutty butterfaces while the smokes watch on the sidelines – its time to end the show. Sache your way over to the hottie and take her hand with a big smile. If you get a smile back twirl her in and dip her low Frank Sinatra style and she will be putty in your hands.

If making a spectacle of yourself isn’t your style or your dance skills are lacking you can still successfully rub up on a hottie for the night by taking the gentleman approach. Head to the bar and offer to buy the hottest girl a drink. Talk with her a bit, signal for your wingman to step in and take her flat-chested and slightly less hot friend off your hands and then ask your girl to dance. Being direct and a little aggressive is usually the way to go. “Do you want to dance?” has a higher potential of being shot down than “Come dance with me.” or “Let’s go dance” does. By using the last two examples you aren’t really giving her the choice, especially if you say it while taking her hand and leading her to the dance floor. She can’t even argue about leaving her friend because your roommate already has that on lock. Lead her to the dance floor and make a mental note to buy your wingman a thank you beer later that night.

Guys don’t need to do much to be considered a good dancer. By simply ensuring that your blood alcohol level is high enough to have you arrested you’ve already taken the preliminary steps to get the dance moves flowing. Mastering that rocking back and forth thing by shifting your weight from side to side and that will pretty much do it. Everyone is wasted anyway so your moves won’t be judged too critically. The whole point of dancing with a girl is being able to touch her semi-inappropriately. Keep your hands clear of her tits and ass unless her hands guide you there. Everything else is up for grabs.

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