10 Athletes Who Make the Most Endorsement Money

By 04.24.14


The folks at Wall St. Cheat Sheet just dropped this list of the 10 athletes who make the most endorsement money per year. It’s not exactly a surprising list but not a single football or baseball player made the it. I would have assumed Peyton Manning or Derek Jeter could have cracked the top 10, but I’m sure they’re not having performance issues in the bedroom over it — yeah, I just decided that ED is the modern day equivalent of “losing sleep” over something.

10. Rafael Nadal, $21 million

9. Cristiano Ronaldo, $21 million

8. Maria Sharapova, $23 million

7. Usain Bolt, $24 million

6. Mahendra Singh Dhoni, $28 million

5. Kobe Bryant, $34 million

4. LeBron James, $42 million

3. Phil Mickelson, $44 million

2. Roger Federer, $65 million

1. Tiger Woods, $65 million

If nothing else, this serves as proof that having Vermont as the only state where you’re the most Googled athlete pays off BIG TIME.

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[H/T: Wall St Cheat Sheet, Image via Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports]

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