6 Attitude Adjustments You Can Make to Ensure You Will Always Get Laid

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This article is going to focus on a few things that can help you keep an upbeat and confident attitude when approaching and talking to women. Most guys are nervous in their encounters but these tips should help keep your mind at ease, enough for you to be in a confident state.

1. Before you approach a girl realize that she is nothing special and in fact is an old friend of yours.
Think of her as that old not-so-hot classmate of yours that you never had an interest in but always had a friendly relationship with.

Pretending that you're familiar with any one girl will allow you to trick your mind into being more relaxed and comfortable. Not being nervous will allow you to project confidence, a trait that is very attractive. This system works because you are actually relaxed and comfortable when you're having a conversation with that not-so-hot friend of yours.

2. Know that meeting you, is going to make her day awesome
Whenever you meet a new woman, the point of your interaction is to make her feel good. Knowing that you're able to make any girl smile on a consistent
basis will resonate from within and she'll instantly be able to pick up on that. You only need her to give you a couple of minutes because that's just enough time to spit quality game and impress her with your attitude.

3. Know that she's just a normal person
Hot women are normal people just like you. They want to meet a nice guy and are trying to find love and happiness pretty much in the same way every other person on this world does. Treat her like a real and normal person (not some HOT alien that speaks a different dialect) and make sure you also show her some respect. Basically, treat and talk to her like you do with your friends, she'll appreciate you for it.

4. Be genuinely interested in her existence
Focusing on what she's telling you will allow you to forget about the actual interaction and the nervousness that comes with it. The more you listen to what she's saying the more you'll come up with other related stuff to ask her thus appearing interested in her as an actual person. All you have to do is repeat what she's telling you while asking a related question. Again, this will allow you to keep a great attitude towards the conversation because you're actually focusing on it.

5.Never do anything that you wouldn't want someone to do to you
This is pretty much standard people skills here but it applies to women that much more. Imagine if you were a woman and a total douche bag approached you and said “Hey beautiful!” and then slapped you on the ass. Would you like that done to you? Of course not. You're obviously not going around slapping women on the ass but the point to draw here is that if there's anything that you wouldn't like said to you, make sure you don't say it to her. Coming across as a no-class brain-dead monkey won't help you get in her pants.

6. Talk to everyone
You should be talking to absolutely every single girl you ever have the chance to talk to. They don't need to be the hottest women in the world but the more you do it the easier it gets to keep a great attitude. You see, the secret is to improve your overall people skills, if you do that then you won't ever have to worry about how you present yourself since being around other people becomes natural.

Attitude is an incredibly important aspect and having the right one will always guarantee a lay. Just keep approaching, the more you do it, the better you'll get at it and the quicker you'll see results.

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