Australian Casino Loses $32 Million in ‘Oceans 11’ Heist

By 03.19.13

Well sort of. Two crucial components are shared by the movie and what went down at Australia's largest casino, the Crown Towers. Both plans used a high-rolling overseas gambler (Saul Bloom in the flick), and both hijacked the casinos' security systems.

For Danny Ocean, this plan notted $150 million. For the Australian deluxe villa-dwelling shark, a $32 million payout. 

From the New York Daily News:

A high-rolling gambler from overseas who was staying at the Crown Towers in the state of Victoria was involved in the heist, which involved the hijacking of the casino's security system, the Herald Sun newspaper reported.

Sources said an accomplice of the gambler was able to get control of the casino's security cameras and watch as the man gambled in a private VIP area.

The card player received tips on how to wager and fleeced the casino of millions over just eight hands of cards, the Herald Sun reported.


Of course, there's a lot missing in the Australian Job: The use of a “pinch.” A Chinese acrobat. Explosives. Las Vegas. A revenge factor. Glowsticks. Scott Lavin from “Entourage.”

Not to mention the fact the Australian high-roller has been caught, and the casino is planning on recouping most of its money.

Shit. Fiction > Truth. Yet again.

[H/T: NY Daily News]


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