Beer Pong Debate: What Happens When Two Players On the Same Team Make the Same Cup?

By 03.28.13

Anyway, hear out the Bro below and then use the poll at the bottom to vote. Let's put some goddamn color in all these beer pong gray areas once and for all.

Per the email:

J. Camm,

Love the site. You guys are doing some part of the Lord's work out there.

I write to you today to help me and my bros solve a pressing problem. I'm a law student, and I live in a house with five other guys. This is not the frattiest collection of fuckers you could find, but it'll do, given that this law school appears to attract more than its fair share of GDIs.

Because our school's basketball team will be playing in the Sweet 16 this weekend, we've decided to host a beer pong tournament to coincide with the game this weekend. Because we're law students, someone decided that we needed to write down all the rules prior to the tournament. One person volunteered, and when they finished chaos ensued. We've managed to fix most of the dumb-ass rules this guy came up with, but one is still a point of tension, and this is where we could use BroBible's help.

The problem is this: What happens when the two players on the same team make the same cup in the same turn? The two options are (1) You leave the cup in place after the first person makes it, and if the second team member makes the same cup, 3 cups are removed. or (2) You allow the opposing team to pull cups as they are made, and if your teammate manages to make the cup before (or as) it is pulled, that is Death Cup, and the game is over.

(Some compromises were proposed, but those have been rejected. My friend proposed that pulling cups be allowed, but making the same cup is rewarded with only 3 cups being removed. I rejected this because it sounds like someone with a loser's mentality would come up with. I then proposed that pulling be allowed, but the same cup results in 7 cups being removed. This was rejected because it was “arbitrary,” as if the rest of this discussion was not already arbitrary.)

So we've got these two options, but cannot agree on the right one (obviously its #2). We checked the World Series of Beer Pong, but they don't allow you to make the same cup, and we all agree that is stupid. Since we can't resolve this any other way, I figured we would turn to you guys, as you have access to the largest collection of beer pong playing experts in the world. I was hoping you guys could throw up a poll or something on the site, and help us solve this incredibly profound problem. Failing that, you guys could toss this around the BroBible meeting room and give us the right answer. Either way, we need your help.



So these dudes clearly came our way for an objective opinion on the matter. I've always played that you pull the cup, but should the second player make the same cup before or while you pull it away, GAME OVER, BRO. Pack your bags and go suck dick at life elsewhere because this table ain't yours NO MO.

However, I may not be the majority, so I've planted a polling system below with three clear options. Chose one.


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